You know that nothing is more important than your health and we couldn’t agree more. From Assisted Living to specialized Memory Care Center, and Therapy & Rehab services, Salem Terrace is ready to meet your unique needs as they are today and as they will be in the future.


Therapy & Rehab Services at Salem Terrace

If you are recovering from injuries, a stroke, neurological event, surgery, or are in need of short-term programs to help you get back to the life you want to live; Salem Terrace at Harrogate offers on-site rehab services provided by Friendship Outpatient Therapy’s award-winning physical, occupational, and speech therapy programs. Our goal is to restore function for individuals who have experienced neuromuscular, skeletal dysfunction or functional decline.

Our therapists can assist with pain management and conduct a needs assessment and training for wheelchairs, walking devices, adaptive communication devices, as needed, tailored to each client’s needs.

Services include:

Physical Therapy

  • Improve strength, balance, muscle function, range of motion
  • Training in mobility, gait, and stability posture and positioning, including fall prevention guidance

Occupational Therapy

  • Improve overall daily living skills and function and community re-entry and participation
  • Training, educating, and adaptations in bathing, grooming, dressing, meal preparation, energy conservation and work simplification in home setting with focus on restoring strength, endurance, range of motion and confidence

Speech/Language Pathology

  • Address difficulties with communication, cognitive processing and swallowing
  • Training related to achieving improve communication, speech and language, cognitive processing and memory skills, and swallowing to help reduce chocking risks

Massage Therapy

  • Offering private and physician prescribed massage therapy services by a physical therapist assistant certified in massage therapy.

Driving Evaluations

  • Clinical assessment of visual, cognitive, and motor function related to driving
  • Road driving assessment with a trained driving instructor and occupational therapist
  • Meetings with client and family to discuss recommendations
  • Recommendations to modifying vehicle equipment when needed

Please see the Salem Terrace nursing team for further information about therapy services or call 540-375-2100.